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About STC

SweetTooth Craves is a small home-made baked goods shop. Started in 2020 with just only making strawberry and regular cheesecakes for the family. Was told by a family member that I should start selling cheesecakes or just desserts in general. Mid 2020-2021, I started getting orders from close friends and family. Everyone was ordering cheesecakes, strawberry cakes, and pina colada cakes. In the fall of 2021, I decided to take up culinary to learn the basics and to learn different techniques to become successful in my craft. Between school and working, I went on to create my business in a more professional stance, by creating a website so it can be easier for everyone. 

Everyone loves desserts and if you are from the Harrisburg, Pa area, you know it is hard to find a good dessert shop, anyone who is selling desserts, and or have to go out of town just to get sweets around here. That is where I come in. I don't just serve cakes, I also make cupcakes, pies, cookies, brownies, puddings, and other treats. In the summertime, I make soft serve ice cream, and smoothies to help cool you down. So, take a look around get to know the site, and enjoy the News Feed (Blog) that customers had posted. You can also become a STC Member and earn great rewards and badges, plus get discounts on certain items when you earn enough Sweet Points. STC will also attend future events such as Pop-Up Shops, so be on the lookout and be sure to grab some yummy treats. Enjoy!


Please read through carefully and understand the pricing for different items. 50% deposits can be sent through via CashApp; $Nanathornton only if you are not able to pay full price at the moment, but some will require 50% to Hold/Confirm your order. Please indicate "50% for the type of dessert you are getting", in the "Add Note" part. All special desserts will be under the Custom Dessert tab.

Custom Buttercream Cakes

  • Heart Shaped $32.50

  • Number/Letter $55.00

  • 1/4 single sheet $45 (serves 10-20)

  • 1/4 double sheet $55.00 (serves 20-30)

  • 1/2 single sheet $65.00 (serves 30-40)

  • 1/2 double sheet $75.00 (serves 40-50)

  • Full single sheet $85.00 (serves 40-60)

  • Full double sheet $95.00 (serves 80-100)

  • 6 inch cake $25.00

  • 9 inch cake $35.00

  • 12 inch cake $55.00

  • 14 inch cake $85.00

  • 16 inch cake $100.00

**Minimum of 14 days' notice based on availability. Deposits must be paid 10 days in advance. 50% deposit to hold/confirm cake order. Buttercream edible image toppers is an extra $10. If you already have your toppers, please bring them to me in advance before pick-up. **

Custom Baked Donuts

  • Dozen $38.30 + $10.00 for box

  • 1/2 Dozen $19.15 + $8.00 for box

** 50% deposits are 14 days in advance. Full payment by the following Friday of order. Cancelation is 7 days in advance. These are custom donuts I make. **

Custom Cupcakes
  • Number/Letter $24.50

  • 1/2 Dozen $21.00

  • Dozen $30.00

  • Full sheet $33.19

  • 1/2 sheet $27.42

  • 24 cupcakes & under $30.00

  • Over 24 cupcakes $40.00

**Any additional fruit, candy, toppers, etc., will be added to the total. Minimum of 14 days' notice. 50% or full deposit must be paid in 3 days or Friday of order. Full payment by following Friday. Fondant toppers are $5 extra. Edible image toppers are $10 extra. If your custom cupcakes require a full or a half sheet board, it will be added with the amount of cupcake prices. ** 

Fondant Cakes

  • Any Shape (heart, square, etc.) $60.00 for a 2 layer

  • 1/4 single sheet $80.00

  • 1/4 double sheet $90.00

  • 1/2 single sheet $120.00

  • 1/2 double sheet $130.00

  • Full single sheet $150.00

  • Full double sheet $160.00

Custom Cookies

  • Dozen $33.00

  • 1/2 Dozen $16.65

  • Cookie box (12) +$12.50

  • Cookie box (6) +$8.00

**Minimum of 14 days' notice based on availability. Deposits must be paid 10 days in advance. 50% deposit to hold/confirm.  These are custom cookies that I make. **

  • 6 inch $60.00

  • 9 inch $70.00

  • 12 inch $160.00

  • 14 inch $190.00

  • 16 inch $200.00

** Minimum of 14 days' notice based on availability. Full deposits must be paid 14 days in advance. 50% deposits to hold/confirm orders. Fondant toppers/figurines/pieces is an extra $25. **


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon

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